Bulk E Mail Marketing Services


- Manage your email list online with our web based email software,
- Subscribe and Unsubscribe automatically,
- Send your custom newsletters from our servers,
- Operate from any computer,
- Create 30 Newsletters each month for one low price with our email publishing software,
- You can send emails up to 40.000 members,
- Contact us if you have any problem, free technical support by email.
Affordable - Reliable - Cost Effective - Full Featured

Cost-effective E-mail Advertising and Marketing Tools
We enable you to easily build and manage email lists, create beautiful newsletters, and send them via email. It’s easy, quick and powerful.

New To Computers?
Our software has been designed with the inexperienced user in mind. We have worked hard to make this program easy and intuitive for you to use. We provide email support for any questions you have.

New To eNewsletters?
If you have never created an email newsletter we can do it for you for only $20/page. (Payments will be made by PayPal or 2CheckOut)

Experienced Computer User?
Our software contains powerful tools designed to save time and add functionality.

No special software is required.
You will access our software simply by logging in over the Web. Your account is protected by a unique username and password.

Publish as many newsletters as you like
Our rates are based on the number of emails sent and the number of newsletters created.

Our pricing starts at $29 for up to 10.000 Subscribers.

                          $39 for up to 20.000 Subscribers.

                          $59 for up to 40.000 Subscribers.

Your email list can be any size
You may choose to divide your list into categories to send your newsletter to only those readers in a specific category. Whether you have a large mailing list or you are just starting out.

Newsletter Designing
You can send any type of newsletters like:
- Information Newsletters
- Press Releases
- Surveys
- Sales Brochures
- Product Offerings
- Coupon Offerings
- Postcards
- and more

Opt-in Only - NO SPAM
This service is for opt-in email lists only. Spam will NOT be tolerated.

Your software and servers are secure and private. Subscriber lists are absolutely not shared.
Spam is strictly forbidden.

We Provide Support!

Our friendly and helpful team will assist you if you have any questions.
- Live Support - instant online chat
- Email Support

Contact with us fur further questions and your orders.

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